[Aplus] Stationery | 50mm 60mm 75mm 90mm Magnifying Glass Handheld Magnifier Reading
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✅Model: ST09004
✅Diameter of the lens: 50mm

✅Model: ST09002
✅Diameter of the lens: 60mm

✅Model: ST09003
✅Diameter of the lens: 75mm

✅Model: ST09001 / ST09005
✅Diameter of the lens: 90mm

●️ All type of glass able to magnify x3 objects
●️ 60mm / 75mm/ 90mm Lupa able to magnify by full glass, able to magnify from far distance
●️ 50mm / 90mm (Box) Straight Shank only focus on center when magnifying
●️ Suitable for viewing small print or objects
●️ Compact size, convenient to carry away
●️ This magnifying glass is the ideal tool for home, office and travel

Content: 1 pcs Magnifying Glass


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