Sports istore Kids Badminton Racket Set With PVC Shuttlecock
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Item Model: 522
Colour: Blue & Black                              
Length: 470mm          
Weight: 150g                               
Package Content: 2pcs badminton racket, 1pcs pvc shuttlecock with net  cover  

Item Model: 528     
Colour: Red 
Length : 440mm
Weight: 210g
Package Content: 2pcs badminton racket, 2pcs pvc shuttlecock with racket cover

✅ Ready stock                            
✅ Value for money
✅ Made for an introduction to badminton for children
✅ Perfect for learning to play badminton at home with family or friends.      
✅ Have fun playin badminton wherever you want
✅ Ideal rackets for your kids first rallies


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◼️2pcs badminton rackets with PVC shuttlecocks